The GREATEST act of love Ever!

by Dr. Jay McCluskey

We live in a world of extreme exaggeration. Phrases like Worst Ever, Greatest Ever, Best in the Universe, Unlike You Have Ever Seen Before, etc, are tossed around so casually. Last Sunday, the day after moving our clocks up to Daylight Savings Time, I saw this media headline: Americans Once Again Go Through the Nightmare of Time Change! Talk about “over the top!” Adjusting our clocks an hour may be an aggravation or a minor inconvenience, but it hardly qualifies as a “nightmare.”

One theory behind such grandstanding is the notion that modern people only pay attention to extreme language. Middle ground, reasonable convictions, honest debate, bipartisan statesmanship, and sensible dialogue are dismissed in preference to grandiose of hyperbole.

It is interesting how this trend labels lesser topics in ways that make them sound WAY bigger than they are. In reality, most items are not Matters of Life and Death. Despite our verbiage, Our Very Existence as We Know It” is rarely on the line.

Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion states: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The opposite reaction to our cultural hyperbole is society’s dismissal of matters of true ultimate value. We can quickly downplay vital issues such as our relationship with God, forgiveness, the purpose for our life, and assurance of eternal life. THESE matters are absolutely critical.

Our church’s attention in the next few weeks directs our thoughts to items of crucial importance. The journey of Jesus to the cross and beyond the grave addresses life’s highest concerns.

  • His sacrifice pays the price of Sin, our Worst Problem Ever!
  • His death is the Greatest Ever act of love!
  • His resurrection demonstrates a victory Unlike You Have Ever Seen Before!

Frankly, it is impossible to overstate the importance of what took place in Jerusalem 2000 years ago. We should treasure the passion, suffering, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus as vitally supreme. Your participation in the following church events reflects the matchless value of the salvation Jesus brought to us.